Cardinal On Trial For Misuse Of Church Funds Taped Call With Pope Francis

It was uncovered on Friday that a senior cardinal who was being investigated for extortion subtly kept a discussion with Pope Francis in which he requested that the pontiff affirm that he had supported a few undercover monetary exchanges.

At a consultation on Thursday, it was uncovered that the recording was made in July 2021, only days before Cardinal Angelo Becciu’s preliminary started. Afterward, Italian media distributed a record of the recording.

Cardinal Becciu, when a close by guide to Pope Francis, was disposed of from office and denied of his cardinal distinctions in September 2020 amidst a shock over the Vatican’s mishap making obtaining of a lavishness London property and maltreatment of Sanctuary saves.

In July of last year, Cardinal Becciu and nine different respondents went being investigated on charges going from misrepresentation to tax evasion and extortion.Angelo Becciu fervently discredits any bad behavior.

Cecilia Marogna, a lady Angelo Becciu recruited as a security expert, is one of the litigants. She is blamed for abusing 575,000 euros ($667,000) that she got from the Vatican. This cash should be utilized to free hostage ministers and nuns abroad.

The cardinal requested that the pope affirm that he had endorsed an arrangement to deliver assets to free a Colombian religious recluse held in Mali in an approach July 24, 2021, 10 days after Francis left the medical clinic following colon medical procedure.

Did you award me authorization to start the systems to free the nun?”According to the Italian media’s distributed record, Angelo Becciu asks during the call.

We said no something else for the payoff we had fixed at 500,000 in light of the fact that it appeared to be shameless to give more cash… that would go into the pockets of the fear based oppressors… I assume I had educated you pretty much all regarding you recall?” “For the payment we had fixed at 500,000,”

According to the record, the pope said he “mysteriously” remembered anyway mentioned that Angelo Becciu set up his requesting as a set up account.
The court was informed that one of Cardinal Becciu’s family members kept the approach a speakerphone in his condo.

In October 2021, jihadists associated with al-Qaeda delivered the cloister adherent who had been abducted in 2017.

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