Kanye West Hints At Another Run In 2024 Presidential Elections

Washington:Kanye West, a rapper and style fashioner, has said that he needs to run for president in 2024 with Donald Trump as his running mate.

The craftsman, who goes by the name Ye, shared a twirling image on his Twitter account on Thursday. The image contained “Ye” and the number 24, which is remembered to address 2024, the time of the following US official political decision.

The rapper then shared a video in which he discusses meeting the previous president in Florida as of late. As per Kanye West, “I think what Trump was generally bothered about (was) my requesting that he be my VP.”

Mr. West expressed, “Trump began essentially shouting at me at the table, letting me know I was going to lose.”Hold on, Trump, you’re conversing with Ye, I’m thinking.

On November 15, Donald Trump reported that he would run for president again in 2024. Trump attempted to upset the aftereffects of the 2020 political race, which he lost to Joe Biden.A demand for data with respect to the Ye comments was not quickly answered by Mr. Trump’s office.

The craftsman said in a post two days prior that he had been to Best’s sumptuous Florida home, Blemish a-Lago. Can’t totally acknowledge that I kept President Trump stopping,” he posted on Twitter.
What do you suppose he thought about my solicitation for him to be my running mate in 2024?

It was indistinct whether the rapper really intended what he said, or on the other hand in the event that he was simply attempting to definitely stand out enough to be noticed after a progression of PR moves that made him look terrible.

Kanye West is an accomplished marketing expert who additionally fiddles with politics.In 2020, he ran for president, however he got under 70,000 votes and completed seventh.

Last month, German athletic clothing goliath Adidas cut off its beneficial limit with Kanye West after the star offered adversary of Semitic articulations.

Adidas expressed later that it had been compelled to cut its 2022 overall gain conjecture by half because of the termination of its friendship with West.West had helped Adidas in the improvement of its effective Yeezy clothing line.

West, who wore a shirt with the motto “White Lives Matter,” a censure to the People of color Matter racial equity development, showed up at a Paris style show a month ago. US clothing retailer Hole and Paris design house Balanciaga have additionally cut attaches with West.

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